УShould Auld Acquaintance†be†Forgot...Ф

Yolkina Anna

I remember how I was waiting for a wonderful time of Christmas when I was a little girl, how my family and I decorated Christmas tree together, how I prepared small presents for my parents and how anxiously I waited for the clock on my wall to strike midnight. I was always sure that all unrealizable dreames would come true and the most mysterious miracles would happen at that moment. Nothing has changed. Christmas is coming... Do you feel its special atmosphere, its sweet smell of tangerines, twinkling light of candles? Just listen and from here and there you will hear familliar tune and words of the Scottish old song СAuld Lang SyneТ, which once Сthrilled through Robert BurnsТ soulТ and now this song of the Сolden timesТ touches our hearts and brings pleasant memories. What is special about it? Why do people always sing it getting together before Christmas and New Year? Why is it so deep in Scottish nature? СShould auld acquintance be forgot and never brought to mind?Т Ц we sing to ourselves and think of the first friends, whom we met long ago and the time we spent together. This song lets every person feel that he is not alone in this world at least for a short moment. Like a New Year it unites us with our friends, family and nearest people. Though the song is quite simple and full of joy, Robert Burns rose an important problem of friendship, which has existed in all times. Even Aristotel said that no one would choose to live without friends, though he had all other goods. Why do we consider friendship as one of the most important values of our life which we should appreciate and keep strong? Why canТt we walk by the road of our life alone? Is it really necessary to have a friend close to your heart?

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Making friends for a lot of us comes naturally, but keeping these friendships may become difficult. Just have a look, maybe people around you, whom you call friends, are only your good acquaintances? Who can be called a friend and what is friendship? I think friendship is based on three main feelings: love, respect and honesty. Love is a part of any relationship. Love means being with your friend when he needs you, no matter what circumstances may be, listening to his problems and giving advice. A friend is a person whom you always trust and whose opinions are important for you. Alexander Duma represented a good example of such friendship in his novel СThree MusketeersТ, where the main characters DТArtagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were inseparable friends who lived by the motto: УOne for all, and all for oneФ. They were always ready to help each other in any situation or even to risk their lives. СSome people come into our lives, leave traces in our hearts and we are never the sameТ, because our friends teach us who we are, they change us and open a new world. Your real friend will never leave you. I think it is a person who Сreaches out for your hand and touches your heartТ, he easily feels and understands you. I agree with AristotelТs quotation that Сfriend is a soul dwelling in two bodiesТ.

Unfortunately, there are some well-known examples when friends turned into enemies. Sometimes friendship can be used in a wrong and even deceitful way. The best example of such friendship is the BibleТs scene of treachery, when Judas betrayed Christ. He got 30 coins for his work, but when he realised what disgusting thing he had done he returned the money and commited suicide. Another example can be found in Russian literature:

СSo, verse and prose, they came together.
No ice and flame, no stormy weather
and granite, were so far apart.Т

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Can you believe that it is the description of people who used to be friends? Onegin and Lensky are two characters of A. PushkinТs УEvgeny OneginФ, who became rivals because of love. As the result Lensky was shot by Onegin. Of course, such friendship wasnТt true or strong. Reality showed that these relationships werenТt based on love or respect and former friendship turned into the tragedy.

СEach friend represents a world in usТ, a world possibly not born until he appears in our life. We should try to keep this friendship and appreciate its value. When I know I have friends, I feel myself confident and safe, IТm sure someone thinks and cares about me. Even if this person is far away from me. Richard Bach once said:
СSometimes a farewell is necessary before you can meet again. Meeting again after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.Т Such farewells are typical for our life but they make our feelings and relationships stronger.

СWe twa hae paidlТd iТ the burn,
Frae morning sun till dine;
But seas between us braid hae roarТd
Sin auld lang syne.Т

Friendship may be the warmest feeling that we have, it always supports us in the time of disappointment. Mexicans say that Сthere is no better mirror than your old friendТ. I am sure we must keep our friendship because it is one of such rare things which can not be defeated, even after death.

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